Organic farming is the new form of agriculture, which does not harm the eco-system or environment and is more suitable for producing healthy and tasteful products. The aim of organic farming is to produce safe and quality Agro products. That means the production process does not harm the environment, man or natural resources with any side effects. For that we need eco-friendly agriculture methods and systems. Addition of Bio fertilizers to the soil makes it to be enriched with essential nutrients. When the soil become fertile the yield will be automatically increased.


   Soil, water and air are the three essentials that enables life to exist on the Earth. Plants, the primary producers, germinate and grow in the soil. Soil is the basic thing in which all organic activities take place. Different types of decayed organic materials and elements form the major part of the soil. Even if decayed organic materials are in very smaller in proportion this play the major functions of the soil because it conditions the soil for air circulation. It helps the soil to be airy and loose and helps the vegetation to grow. These decayed organic materials store water more than five times that of its quantity and make the upper layer of the soil spongy. There are different types of micro organisms present in the soil. These microbes and earth worms live in the decayed organic materials.

   Besides holding the water, these organic materials can reserve the essential elements for the growth of the plants. The earth worms, termites etc, can be seen with our naked eyes but many other kinds of micro organisms can be seen only through a powerful microscope. Bacteria, fungi and protozoa are the important micro organisms that improve the quality and fertility of the soil. By increasing the number and variety of these micro organisms, the fertility of the soil can be increased.