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The micro organism Azospirillum absorbs atmospheric nitrogen and stores in the soil by which the plants can utilize it. Phosphobacteria converts phosphorous to soluble and absorbable compounds, so the plants can easily utilize them. The fungus Trichoderma viride protects the plant from pathogens and diseases. Besides it helps in the growth and flowering of plants.

Amrutham Rhizobium

Amrutham Rhizobium changes the available gaseous nitrogen in the atmosphere to amonia by using 'Nitrogenase' enzyme. This is the best for pulses crops. The bacteria absorb the natural nitrogen directly from the atmosphere and store it in the roots of crops and forms root nodules. In this regards Amrutham Rhizobium improves the activities of the plants and makes it as the best manure for all type of peaplants. It supplies 70% to 80% of the Nitrogen required for the plants.

Amrutham Azotobactor

The micro organisms lives in the soil independently and changes the atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia. It supplies almost 30% nitrogen needs for the plants. Besides it generates some vitamins and plant hormones like Gibberlic Acid, Indole Acetic Acid etc,. We can use this fertilizer for all crops cultivated in dry lands also, Amrutham Azotobactor is proved to be suitable for Coconut, Rubber, Tapioca, Maize, Wheat, Groundnut, Sugar cane, Cotton, Bengal Gram and all Vegetables.

Amrutham Azospirillum

Azospirillum is the bacteria, which transforms the atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia, this can be directly absorbed by the plants. Since it can produce certain hormones which help the fast growth of roots, it is useful for Pepper, Coffee, Anthurium, Orchid, Jasmine and other garden plants. It can also be used in the fields.

Amrutham Phosphobacteria

Amrutham phosphobacteria transforms the natural phosphorous to an absorbable form which is not in the form to be absorbed directly by the plants. Phosphorous is found in the soil as the compounds of Iron, Aluminium, etc,. When we use Amrutham phosphobacter, the phosphorous is released and changes it into the form of being absorbed. This biofertilizer can be used for Coconut, Arecanut, Rubber, Mango, Tuber crops and all types of vegetables.

Amrutham Vam

Vam grows in association with the roots of the plants. Mycorrhizae converts the phosphorous in the soil to an absorbable form by which the plants can utilize it.. This will enhance the development and growth of roots in the plants. It increases the efficiency of manure like rock phosphate and also helps to prevent fungal diseases. It is very much useful for almost all crops like Coconut, Paddy, Ginger, Banana, Coffee, Tea, Cardamom, Vanilla, Vegetables, Cotton and Nursery Plants.